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John is a USPTA Pro I
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Racquet Stringing by John Powell

World class racquet stringing available.
John Powell is a USRSA Master Racquet Technician. Master Racquet Technicians, or MRTs, have passed a comprehensive test to prove they know their stuff, whether it's racquet customization, advice on racquet technology or the perfect string and tension for you.
John is now a string tester for StringForum.net.
Past clients include Patrick Rafter, Wayne Ferreira, Jimmy Arias, and the Jensens. John has strung for the Safeway Challenger, Aptos, CA; The Sports Authority, Sarasota, FL; Kapalua, Maui, HI and is the stringer at Imperial Courts Tennis Club, Aptos, CA;. Prices range from $21-32 and $14 for installing your string. E-Mail John for prices.
Wilson Strings
NXT 16, 17 Natural
Sensation 16, 17 Natural
Synthetic Gut Extreme 16, 17 Natural
Stamina Synthetic Gut 16, 17 White
Conform, Perforated, & Contour Grips
Prince Strings
Synthetic Gut 16, 17 White, Gold
Topspin 15L Optic Yellow
Pro Blend 16 Gold
Premier 16, 17 Natural
DuraTac & Contour Grips
Head Intelligence Strings
Synthetic Gut 16, 17 Gold, White
IntelliTour 17 Gold
PerfectControl 16 White
PerfectPower 16 White
Gamma Strings
Gamma TNT 16, 17 Natural
Gamma Live Wire XP 16, 17 Natural
Synthetic Gut 16 Gold
Polyspin 16 Gold
Polyspin 16 Hybrid
Kirschbaum Strings
Super Smash Spiky 17 Gold
Spiky Hybrid
Babolat Strings
Xcel Premium 16 Natural
Razor Spin 16 Silver
Pro Hurricane Hybrid
Big Banger by Luxilon Strings
Alu Power 16L Silver
Alu Power 16L Hybrid
Alu Power Rough 16L Silver
Big Banger
Signum-Pro Co-polyester Strings
Poly Plasma 16, 17, 18 Orange