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Computer Services by John Powell

John has been studying Computer Information Systems and Digital Media at Cabrillo College, Aptos, Ca. since 2000. Classes have included:

Computer Information Systems
  • CIS 170 Introduction to Computer Hardware and Software. Covers installing, maintaining, and upgrading PC-type (Intel and Intel compatible) microcomputer systems.
  • CIS 172 Introduction to Operating Systems. Provides overview of computer operating systems such as Unix/Linux, Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, and DOS.
  • CIS 190 Introduction to UNIX/Linux. Provides a technical overview of the UNIX/Linux operating system, including hands-on experience with commands, files, and tools.
  • CIS 181A Networking Fundamentals (Cisco CCNA 1). This is the first course in the Cisco Networking Academy CCNA curriculum, and is a prerequisite for some of the MCSE/MCSA and SAIR Linux certification courses. It introduces networking standards, concepts, topology, media and terminology including LANs, WANs, the OSI model, cabling, IP addressing, network hardware and various protocols.
  • CIS 182A Introduction to Routing Technologies (Cisco CCNA 2). The second of four courses in the Cisco Networking Academy curriculum. An introduction to router and routing concepts and terminology including RIP and IGRP routing protocols, distance vector and link state routing, routing loop issues, routing theory, TCP/IP basics, IP addressing, router IOS, and basic router configuration. Hands-on experience configuring Cisco routers.
  • CIS 183A Intermediate Routing and Switching (Cisco CCNA 3 & 4). This course combines semester three and four of the Cisco Networking Academy CCNA curriculum. This course covers the intermediate features of routers and routing concepts including the RIPv2, Single Area OSPF, EIGRP, VLSM, CIDR, LAN segmentation using bridges and switches, network congestion issues, cut-through and store-and-forward switches, VLANs, VTP, Inter-VLAN routing, and the operation of the Spanning Tree protocol. It also covers the various Wide Area Network services including Frame Relay, ISDN, HDLC, PPP, DDR, Frame Relay LMIs, Frame Relay maps and Frame Relay subinterfaces. This class includes hands-on experience using Cisco routers.
  • CIS 164 Introduction to Managing and Securing a Web Server. Teaches support for the various features of a web server particularly Apache and MS Internet Information Server. Topics include: web-server basics, installation, configuration, server-side programming, log files, robots, network security, web-server security, CGI security, web-client security and secure online transactions.
Digital Media
  • DM 101 Fundamentals of Macintosh Operating Systems. Covers the use, installation, and customization of the Macintosh operating system; includes hard disk management, virus control, interfaces, fonts, and sounds.
  • DM 103 Introduction to Digital Media. Introduces digital media from historical and contemporary perspectives, emphasizing fundamentals of design, the production process, and creative technology. Topics include: concepts, trends, content, methods, forms, careers, and delivery of digital media for print, screen display, and interactivity.
  • DM 104 Introduction to Digital Graphics. Introduces creation and editing of digital graphics, illustrations, and photographs for pre-press production and screen-based media.
  • DM 160 Introduction to HTML. Presents planning and production of web sites including: text, graphics, hand-coded HTML, basic cascading style sheets, and validation
  • DM 162 Introduction to Web Graphics. Presents planning, design, and production of graphics and page layouts for web sites using hand-coded HTML and CSS, including image creation and editing, color, conversion, compression, web typography, rollovers, tables, validation, and design considerations specific to online graphics.
  • DM 164 Intermediate Web Publishing. Teaches intermediate web publishing techniques using hand-coded HTML and CSS, focusing on web standards, accessibility, dynamic HTML (DHTML), server side includes, using JavaScripts and CGI scripts, processing interactive forms, and search engines.
Computer Services (Windows or Mac)
  • Software and Hardware Installation
  • System Backup and Restoration
  • Virus Recovery
  • Spyware Removal
  • Computer Setup and Data Transfer
  • DSL Installation
  • Home Networking (Wireless or Cable)
  • Web and Mail Server Consulting
  • Basic Web Site Design and Maintenance
  • Tutoring Available

Contact John for reasonable rates and availability. All work is guaranteed and no charge for work not completed to your satisfaction.